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Muay Thai is a sport and martial art that uses the entire body as a weapon explains Itai Liptz, martial arts expert. Also known as the art of eight limbs, it involves punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

The training routine is very intense. It requires a strong mental perseverance as well as the physical strength to go through it.

What is Muay Thai?

Itai Liptz answers: Muay Thai, also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” is a full-contact striking martial art. Practitioners use their fists, elbows, knees, and feet for devastating attacks.

The sport’s origin dates back centuries, with soldiers using the martial art to defend themselves on the battlefield. It eventually became a prominent form of self-defense in Thailand.

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Nowadays, Muay Thai is a popular sport that is practiced in a variety of countries around the world. It’s considered to be one of the most deadly martial arts. It’s also a great workout that can burn lots of calories and build strength and endurance. But if you’re looking to compete in the sport, then you must know the rules and regulations. These include the use of boxing gloves, which are required in professional Muay Thai matches.


Muay Thai evolved from being a practical fighting art to an exhibition sport in the Krungsri Ayuthaya era (1350-1767). Fights were held in front of audiences and spectators who would watch to see a display of strength, endurance and agility. The fighters used to fight bare-fisted and with rope covers on their feet and ankles.

They trained extensively using long distance running and striking against dense heavy bags. conditioned their shins by hitting them over and over to harden the bone and practiced the Wai Kru ritual (which the Burmese thought was a form of Thai black magic).

Muay Thai is known as the Art of 8 Limbs due to the use of knees and elbows in addition to punches. It also incorporates clinches.


Muay Thai is primarily a striking sport, but there are some grappling techniques as well. For example, a fighter can use their knees and elbows to strike the opponent or take them down to the ground.

One of the most important aspects of Muay Thai is stance and footwork. Typically, a fighter will have a more upright stance and will keep their hands up high to protect themselves. They will also use a long guard to check incoming kicks.

One of the most important Muay Thai techniques is the clinch sweep. This is done by grabbing an opponent’s tricep and cupping their armpit. Then, the fighter can push off their opponent’s back leg to sweep them to the ground. Another technique is the forward thrusting elbow. This is similar to an uppercut but uses the elbow instead of the fist.


When war was a way of life for some Siamese tribes. A fighting style needed to be developed that could destroy opponents without weapons. It was a very brutal style but one that worked. Fighters tended to favour kicks, although they would punch if they needed to. The forward left hand was used for jabs and the rear right hand for power-punches. There was also a technique known as ‘khao loi’ where the boxer takes a step or two. Jumps off one leg and strikes with the knee of that leg. The style also incorporated elaborate use of clinching.

Muay Thai is often compared to Western boxing. But the discipline has many more differences than similarities.


There are several different fighting styles used in Muay Thai. Some are similar to kickboxing, but they also incorporate elbow strikes and clinching.

Muay Mat fighters are characterized by their punching power and aggressiveness. They often use strong low kicks to confuse their opponents. This style requires high-level conditioning since fighters must fight at full speed the entire time.

Muay Khao fighters are experts at putting pressure on their opponents. They also rely on knee attacks to disable their opponents. This type of fighter needs excellent clinching skills to set up their devastating knee strikes. One of the most popular Muay Thai fighters with this style is Petchboonchu. He’s a legendary fighter with some of the best knees in Muay Thai history.

Itai Liptz, aged 37. He has a passion for various sports, including freediving, mountain climbing. Rock climbing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Thai boxing. Beyond his athletic pursuits, Itai has dedicated years to working with special needs kids. Deriving immense satisfaction from this meaningful endeavor. Additionally, he has had the experience of living in Thailand and South Africa. Exploring numerous destinations around the globe through his travels.

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