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۵ Reasons for Why not to Buy a Game on Launch Day

Pre-orders, pre-loads, buying a game on launch day, and being among the very first who experience the first-hand product is awesome. But there are some downsides to this scheme which we are going to discuss and give you 5 reasons for not rushing to the stores (digital or not) on the launch day. Let’s see why it is not recommended to buy a game on day one.

خرید بازی روز اول انتشار

۱. The Product is not Finished!

It is a common phenomenon these days that a first-day or first-week update is accepted and even yearned for. Not very long ago, the situation with the internet and the non-existence of digital stores did not allow the developers to practice such a high degree of freedom. Today, it is as though the final phase of the game test happens after release, on the final platforms and in the hand of the ‘real’ destined customers. Keeping this in mind, we all know that the train of updates will keep on coming even after a long time away from release, then there is no way to escape it. Yet, there is a difference between the first week-ish updates and the rest: those updates are fixes for major problems that might in one way or another affect your experience (especially the constant pop-ups for update). So, you are recommended to wait a little more than two or three weeks for all the patches to be released, the problems fixed, the improvements made, and the pop-ups gone.

۲. The Product is not What You Have Expected!

۲۰۲۰ was a year of many disappointments and unforeseen hopes. However, the case of the difference between what one expects and what one receives has always been open in any form of purchase. In our field, the video game is almost always ‘not’ what it was supposed to be; it is quite often either less fine and lower quality compared to what was advertised, or in some cases, more than what was hoped for by both the developer and the gamers. This year, at the end of which we are, had a couple of good examples among the AAA titles; high-end cutting-edge products advertised heavily, for which the customers and even industry figures were restlessly eager. Without a doubt all these games are great and the scores and reviews back such a claim up. But, there was also a huge controversy regarding the gap between customer expectations and the final product regarding only the difference in essence and not the lack of quality.

بازی Cyberpunk 2077

In the cases of some, there was much debate among the gaming community about how what they believed the game to be differed almost drastically from what they experienced. In some others the scenario was the same, though with a reverse line; many gamers said they did not hope for such high quality and entertaining products. So the point being hammered (hopefully home) here is that maybe it would be wiser to wait a week or two before buying a game in order to first see how well is it received, and also not to be disappointed (at least not very much) with the great expectations.

۳. Money Talks!

Apart from certain games that offer lower prices for a pre-order, the rest of the games on the market are pre-sold at the same price as the launch day. On the other hand, there is almost always a sale or discount program nearby. The thing is, based on how well a game is received upon the release, the probability and the amount of its discount in the nearest upcoming sale changes, but all in all, in most of the cases, in a window of three to five weeks you can buy your game on a lower price. And as you know, the longer one waits, the lower the price they can get (We are not talking months here, just one month or about 40 days after lunch). Waiting for one or two games to go down on price will not save a great fortune, but if you turn ‘patience’ into a habit, at the end of the year you might have saved the equivalent amount of a new console, or according to the number of games you buy, maybe two or three consoles.

۴. DLC Talks!

As with the case of updates, the internet brought another change to the realm of gaming: Downloadable Contents. These wonderful packs which are designed to keep me and you in the world of a certain game are the means of revival for a game that has long passed its lunch. DLCs have proved to be not only new content for the game but also a lot more, including improvements and fixes as well. The problem with DLC is that unlike the main product, one has to wait for them to be released every now and then (though timetables are given). So, you have to keep the game installed/downloaded to play each DLC that comes out whenever it is ready. To add insult to injury, a year after the lunch day the developers make a ‘game of the year edition’ which has all the DLCs plus some more goodies which are not available in the standard edition. You have bought all the DLCs separately, bought the game on launch day, and now, even though you have paid almost half the price of a new console for a game, the only way to get your hands on ‘that shiny, massive, exclusive sword/skin/hat/car/bike/gun’ is to pay another couple of dollars for the GotY edition (it is not fair, we know!).

۵. Games go Free!

As said above, 2020 was a year of wonder for the game industry and community. Many big names are being made free and there are a lot more to come. On the other hand, subscription-based services and cloud gaming are little by little finding their way into our consoles, habits, and hearts. Add to this myriad the policy of the companies to let players play their games free for a short time (mostly one week). Keeping all these in mind, it would be wiser to wait a bit longer to see whether the sought-after game will be available in any of the mentioned formats.

سرویس xCloud

Alright! Now you have 5 great reasons not to buy a game on lunch day. Utilize this wisdom, save your nerves and money, and form a new habit. Or, you can give us 5 or even 15 reasons why should one buy a game on lunch day! We are looking forward to your comments more than the next coming BIG game!

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